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    Our team can help you portray your brand, services, and products in a creative and powerful package. We will help create trust with your customers.

Our Services

Do you need a photographer for your event? Designer for your catalog or brand? Voice-over for your pod cast? How about complete production for your videos? Partner with the Addy™ Award winning creative talent at Advocate Media Group.

Photo & Video Services

Photo & Video Services

Our photographers, directors, producers, and animators are at the top of their fields.

Brand & Press Services

Brand & Press Services

Our team is ready to help you take your brand to the next level.

Social & Website Services

Social & Website Services

We have proven methods to help you gain momentum on social media.


We are committed to providing resources to patients and advocates around the world.

Below, you will find the projects that we work on full-time with the support of the online community and responsible brands around the world. All resources are provided, free of charge, to patients, advocates, experts, researchers, and doctors.



#illegallyhealed is the documentary film division of Advocate Media Group. illegalllyhealed.com

Medicate Mate

Medicate Mate is a mobile app for cannabis patients around the world.  Currently in production.

Event & Media Coverage

We bring you the latest news about cannabis research, the industry, and culture.


We love Denver, and we love Colorado. While we do have a home there, our team members hail from all over the world. We travel to bring the truth and understanding about the power of cannabis.

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Kyle Bazzy

Kyle Bazzy

Marketfy / Weedstock 2014

"The Illegally Healed team are why many investors/people are involved in this industry - passion. They believe in the benefits of marijuana and are doing something about it. They encompass what this sector is about. I have no doubt that their product is needed and they are the right ones to do it."

Johnson Harris

Johnson Harris

Web Developer / Apple

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